I’m kvaat, the fur slave. Welcome to my small video selection.

Maybe some words about me, starting at the beginning. As long as I can remember back I had this strange compassion towards soft things, mostly fur or soft knitted scarves and hats. I had this feeling even before I found it erotic, I just felt that I simply had to touch it, to have a hidden stroke when I though nobody is watching. Later on came the dreams of being bound, teased or maybe even tormented in a kinky but not painful way by a Lady (well, at that age: girls :)) These dreams and feelings have been with me ever since :). From stolen strokes in theatre wardrobes, "accidental bumping" into people in the street as a kid... to owning and wearing furs and other kinky items on my own. When it comes to fur... *sigh* it’s kind of weird, I really melt for rich fox trims, I like them even more than complete fur coats. Can’t explain why, maybe it is a tease in itself - you have the jacket, but the sweetness is only on the edges :). Somebody draw me into loving sheared beaver recently, that is my new passion. My current favorite coat is a black sheared beaver with rich fox trims of matching color :). You can see it on some of my pictures and videos as well in a link down below. I don’t know if I have mentioned already, these are best worn with heels and a skirt... Well, not outside, that I haven’t dared... yet. Well, it all depends on daring mistress I guess... and some well placed padlocks *giggle*. I found a page recently with my picture on it, which describes me and my feelings... really accurately. Well, better than I could. I never knew I’m such an open book: Furcissy.

If you wish, you can see more photos or send me a message on Flickr.
I hope you will enjoy watching my videos.

Testing a new release - keys to the cuffs hanging from chain connecting a pair of nipple clamps
My Christmas gift: a red and black combination :).
Another video on request, wearing all black. Different furs and a shapewear body with skirt.
My new pink furball hat and a pompom scarf holding me close to the camera.
A self-bondage scene, on a request. Wearing all black, waiting for the ice to melt. Now re-encoded the video for a little better quality.
Testing my new camera, and some other toys :)
This is a really old video I have just found, sorry for the bad quality. This is a self-bondage scene. I’m sitting on a chair, tied to it with japanese nipple clamps, so can’t move too much. I’m wearing ballet boots, chained together, and i have one my hands cuffed to this chain. The key to this cuff is hanging in front of me in this ice, out of reach of course. This hood and gag prevents to speed-up :P the melting with blowing hot air on it or touching it with my warm face. But can have a real good look at the ice melting slooooowly. :P
I have finally decided to make a new video. This one is similar to the old, but now I wanted to make it the right way :). It is a bit long, about 20 minutes, but I could not decide what parts to cut out. It features ballet boots, my fox tail plug, fur hood and much more :). Hope you will like it.
This is a video with my most effective gag :P. I wanted to try how much sound it lets through, well, judge for yourself :) My gag harness has arrived, and I was testing it :P. This a 2’ gag held in by a really nice gag harness, flaming red in color. Not that too much can be seen of it in this picture, maybe later. It is my most effective gag at the moment, all I could do is moan in it, I was looking for such a gag for a looong time :). Even made a small video of it, that I can show on messenger if anyone is interested. Adding this wooly biting scarf and the furry hood it became a wonderful bondage experience :D. I was trying as well, how much can it be seen of the gag under this huge hood, if I would go out with such a gag and coat. Well, not too much, only if somebody comes too close. But where could I run in high heels and a foxy butt-plug? This coat has a nice inner pocket as well, closing with a zipper, which is really great if I want to put the door keys somewhere where I can’t reach them with the coat on and hands locked together well. Mmm, just an idea :P
Hmm, what can you see on this picture? Well, not too much and this part of the point. Let me explain :). So, I have decided to try my new hood, a little bit more exciting :). First a big latex gag fills the mouth, with a red leather cover outside, preventing it it come out from the mouth, and any unwanted crying and talking. A pink fur ushanka is covering the head, it doubles as a blindfold as well. Not, that any light would come under the fur hood. But it pushes a thick fur ear-piece, and it is strapped under the chin. It always gives a nice touch :). But hey, here comes the fur hood, it is just big enough to have all these things underneath, locking behind the neck. Taking away all vision and most of the voices as well, a nice fur hood, keeping captive. But don't stop this time. This big parka is covering all that up, with this enourmous hood. So you'll be the judge, what can be seen from all these under the parka? ... Yes, it is time now for a walk, just leaning back on this picture to fetch my matching fur gloves. Yes, I need assistance for walking, but it gives all those nice possibilities and crazy ideas and feelings coming. :)
Another one with the fur hood, this time with a tight leather hood underneath :)
This is part of a self-bondage scene. I'm wearing a leather hood with ear plugs, a blindfold and a big gag. This nice big hood with the fur trimming prevents to rub off the blindfold :). The keys to my thumbcuffs are on that black string in front of me, but since I'm wearing a pair of white satin opera gloves it is difficult to unlock, let alone find them on the thick fur. Mmmm
Tied on the door with a scarf, pulling but to no avail. It was tied on the other side well :P. These boots are real "killers", 6 in spike heels and really tight. I had to stand in them for quite some time. There is a big gag hiding under the hood of course, my complaints don't want to be heard :P
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